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Baby M Official Home Page

Baby M time line


April , 27th born in Nagasaki, Japan

Baby M has British / South African Mother and Japanese Father.

She was in Japan until the age of 14.

then moved to the Phlilppines because of Mother's charity work


she was scouted singing at a charity event that's started her singing career in 1999.


Released a single "It's All Right" from Japanese Indie label for Charity.



Debut from Universal Music Japan and released single "Usual Girl" and "Baby Love"


Started to write music and released Mini Album 『MAKE OFF』from M-Beat Record Label.

She also did Radio DJ for "Rock'n M" in Kyushu Japan.

She then moved to her mother's home town in South Africa to support the HIV center in JHB and to expand her career and was spotted by the late Mr. Fats (Cape Towns icon) from Brassa van die kaap.

Baby M got interested in Kwaito (rap style,house mix, hip-hop) music and expanded her music style


Baby M

The reason why I sing is to be a part of everybody's daily life and to give positive messages and to give hope through my music...

I come from a mixed cultural background and so I want to promote cross-cultures too.


She returns to Japan with her new style of music.

Because of her unique idea to mix Kwaito and J-pop, famous Japanese rapper DOZI-T begun to make music together with her.

Then those songs were picked up by South African ​Kwaito-Hip Hop Artist Mandoza and it features on his Album 『INGWENYA』song "Goodbye to my Love" in South Africa.

After that she collaborated with DOZI-T on his single "FIRST LOVE" and Album "4 EVER" song "Get ready" ft. Mandoza, Baby M in Japan.

She then featured on GTS Album『MAJESTIC』song "Last Chance" and Hit No.1 on iTunes Dance chart.


Released her own Mini Album "Bhuti"

Released her first full Album and DVD "Baby M" from RHYTHM ZONE (Avex Records Japan)

This Album lead song Bhuti feat BOY-KEN is cover of famous South African song Ndihamba Nawe from Mafiki zolo.

After this Album Baby M was nominated the "Music Goodwill Ambassador" from Japan to South Africa.


2011 Her first collaboration album "Carbon Copy" with ★Guitar hits number one on the i-Tunes dance chart.

Baby M digitally releases two Japanese songs "One Way Road" and "Sakura"

The english version of "Sakura" is a collaboration with Asian-Sensation Christian Bautista from the Philippines.

This song became so popular among fans that it was also included in Christian's platinum-selling album "OUT BOUND" Right after this, Christian released another album "First Class" and made a second collaboration on "In My Arms" with Baby M.

Baby M then releases her second full album "Love For All" in Japan, and also her first international album in the Philippines "Baby M". Carrier song "Rainy Day" of her latest album is the third collaboration with Christian Bautista which became the Most Requested Song on the Radio in the Philippines.

Following "Rainy Day", "Nai Nai" becomes an instant worldwide smash hit and both songs are now available on iTunes worldwide

Baby M promoted "Love For All" all over the world such as in USA, Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

Baby M supports many causes such as the HIV kids , underprivileged children , the poor in the slums and although she is "straight", she is extremely happy to be a part of JB TALENT MANAGEMENT USA and support the LGBT community and equal rights worldwide. She is very happy that the LGBT has embraced her as she them.


Baby M collaborated with Taiwanese artist Jeremy Luen and makes a new version of "Rainy Day" in Chinese as the first challenge in Hong Kong.

Then took on her first big Chinese song​ "Please Don't Say Goodbye" composed by the famous Hong Kong composer Alan Cheung and released her self-produced album "For Your Love"

She went on to be sponsored by SM Supermalls to do a 3month concert tour at SM Supermalls around the Philippines where she performed with a young Japanese violinist Kei Mori . And reached hundreds of fans in the Philippines.

She then traveled to Thailand to perform at the South Africa's Jabulani Gala Night for the South Africans living there, before taking on yet another challenge when she was invited by the prime minister of Timor-Leste (East Timor) to perform at the country's first ever pageant.

Then came the big chance to perform at the South Africa World Cup Championships for skateboarders, this is where she finds her legacy as the Music Goodwill Ambassador from Japan to South Africa. As she was nominated in 2010, she performs with KHOI SAN Tribe, the one of the most forgotten and abused tribes in our life time.

And today, Baby M is called the sweetheart of Hong Kong by many and she was very grateful to record with DJ Stonedog to release "Push to Limit feat. Baby M".

It hit the iTunes Dance Charts in Hong Kong and makes it to No.4.


Baby M was invited to perform at the Chinese New year Lantern Festival in Nagasaki Japan for the first time to perform her Chinese song.

She is offered to produce the theme song for the 10th anniversary of Saikai city , Nagasaki.ov

She produced the song with they help of SADA .

The song “SAIKAI” was introduced to the public on Nov 30th at the Saikai festival.

Baby M tours in Northern Cape , Upinton , Meir Kalahari desert for World Tourism day and second time at Kimberley Diamond Cup with the dancers from Japan and Namjive from South Africa and DJ Na$himillionz from L.A with the line up of Lil John, Dj Fresh , Dj BlackCoffe etc…


She produced and wrote a song called "SAIKAI" for the city of SAIKAI prefecture. and

She also took a another step and founded an international dance Project called "Push to the limit international freestyle dance battle" witch is to support young dancers to globalize.

She has been performing across the countries including Japan, South Africa, Philippines, Hong kong,Europe, and USA.