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Baby M Official Home Page

Who is Baby M...

Baby M was born in Japan to an British / South African Mother and Japanese Father.

She grew up between Japan Philippines and South Africa, she was scouted singing at a charity event that's started her singing career in 1999.

She officially debuted in 2002 under "Universal Music Japan" with single "Usual Girl" and after that released numerous singles until she re-debuted in 2009~2011 under Avex Tracks Rhythm Zone.

She has collaborated with various artist from Japan,(Dozi-T , Boy-Ken etc.),South Africa (Mandoza) Canada and Taiwan etc.

In 2010, Because her Charity work and her unique idea to mix Kwaito (music genre from South Africa) and J-pop in her 1st Album『Baby M』

She was nominated as a "Music Goodwill Ambassador" from Japan to South Africa. She released a new album “LOVE FOR ALL” in 2012 in Japan. It contains collaborations with Christian Bautista ,Blaise Plant (The Alphabet Project) who is Japanese pop singer-songwriter from Canada.He is also a member of the band MONKEY MAJIK.

She also released her self-titled album in the Philippines under Universal Records Philippines. And made World wide debut on iTunes! Recently She was featured in famous Hong kong news paper, TV and Radio.

2013~ She taken on a new challenge to sing her 1st Chinese song. and released a mini album “For Your Love…”

2014~ She collaborated with an Australian Dj. releasing the hit song “Push to the limit” Dj Stonedog feat Baby M. this song made the top 4 in Hong Kong dance chart iTunes and Top 5 in upfront music charts in UK.

2015~ She produced and wrote a song called "SAIKAI" for the city of SAIKAI prefecture.

She also took a another step and founded an international dance Project called "Push to the limit international freestyle dance battle" witch is to support young dancers to globalize.

She has been performing across the countries including Japan, South Africa, Philippines, Hong kong,Europe, and USA.